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Little Hand Big Heart Gift Baskets

I wish I had taken a picture but I forgot. We sent off a nice box of animals to our dear friends over at LHBH for them to include in their new baby/birthday gift baskets for little ones with ABS.  Head on over to their site to find out more about what they do. 

They have a very special place in our hearts and I'm looking forward to a long time working relationship with them.  Thanks Tricia and Haley!

Virtual Baby Shower

We're proudly sponsoring the Virtual Baby Shower as another fun way to get the word out about what we do here at Critters Who Care. I hope you'll take a look, visit the other sponsors there and also spread the word about us and what we do here at Critters!

We donated our fabulous Cubby Bear as a "make your new baby's first stuffed teddy bear kit". Isn't that a cute idea! We've also donated a couple more for the shower giveaways so make sure you watch and try to win!

Here's a picture of our Cubby:

Noah's Ark - Annette Yen #34

Don't you think every child should have one just like him to cuddle? :-)

Many Thanks!

I get a smile on my face anytime I get a paypal notification that's legit - especially when it's a donation for Critters!  Today's smile was extra big because my friends over at dedicated $1 from every sale they made last Friday to sponsoring a critter for a child.  Isn't that just so sweet!

Sweet, yes... but it's no small potatoes either.  From what I hear from these busy work from home ladies (a mom and her two teen daughters who work out of their home distribution center) they're sales roll in at a pretty fast clip on any given day.  This pre-wrap stuff is VERY popular!

So if you have some time - please
pop on over to their blog and say hello and check out all the fun colors and ways to use Pre-Wrap. You'll be amazed... and addicted!  We use it when we garden and it's great to keep your hair out of your eyes under your bicycle helmet too (not bulky).

Thanks again ladies!  We really appreciate it!

Army Wife Talk Radio

Many many thanks to Tara and Star for having me on their live show at Army Wife Talk Radio this week. It was such fun and they let me talk about the stories and fun of Critters Who Care for almost a half an hour - and boy did I ramble! :-)

You can listen to the show below (we're on Show #174)- our segment is during the second half of the show - at the top of the hour. But listen to the whole thing because during the first part of the show you'll learn about "
My Mommy Wears Combat Boots" and hear the author read her sweet and touching storybook that she wrote for her daughter. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE to listen.

Critters to a hurting family


Don't they look excited (especially the puppy!). They are! Because they're going to bring a little bit of joy to 3 young girls who have been very very sad these past few weeks.

I wept about
this story when I first read about it over at And then Tricia over at filled me in on the family a bit and the 3 little girls that are now left without their precious baby sister. Tricia did some sleuthing and was able to find an address so we could send the animals off to the girls. Thanks Tricia!

So together we're sending these sweet girls a bit of love from some strangers who are weeping with and praying for them.

A Pink Poodle Purse off to Savannah

I'm so excited!!!

Back in February I posted a
news story about a 4th grader who donated all her birthday presents to needy children and suggested that we send off one of our fabulous Critters Who Care to this sweet girl for her kindness and to thank her for making the world a better place.

Well, lo and behold her grandmother found the post when doing a search on her granddaughter and she contacted me. We were finally able to get an address to mail the critter and we sent it off this week.


As you can see, this adorable poodle just can't wait to meet Savannah and thank her in person! Thanks Debbie for making this happen!

Do you know of any young kids in need or doing great things in their community? We love giving away animals so let us know.

And if you feel like helping the cause, click on our
Sponsor a Critter page to find out more!

Update - Savannah loves it:
WOW!!!! Savannah loves her pink poodle purse and her monkey book mark.  They are sooooo her. We can not thank you enough for the surprise.
Vicky & Savannah

Catching up - more critters have been sent!

Thanks to our partnership with Little Hand Big Heart, we've been sending off more animals to some very special kids!


This little
Noah's Ark Workshop puppy was sent to Jayden, a sweet little boy who Haylee thought should have someone special to love and hug. We know he'll love it!

A tiger for our friend Nathan

Many thanks again to Haylee for sharing with us about her friend Nathan who is getting an adorable tiger from her and us this week.  Isn't he cute?

Tiger Head

Our tiger is one of my personal favorite animals because his face is so adorable and his nose looks so real!  The first time I got a shipment of him I immediately picked one out for myself and it's in my bedroom on my dresser mirror!  I love it.

He's super soft too - I know Nathan, who is autistic, will love that part and we hope he'll cuddle and snuggle and love the tiger for a very very long time!

Thanks again Haylee for helping us to share our love with another very special child!

More for the Military

We're sending off another animal! This time it's off to our friend Tara over at Army Wife Talk Radio Cubby bear in fatigues to see if she has some soldier families that listen and might enjoy him. Doesn't he look adorable in his fatigues?

Do you know someone in need who might enjoy our critters? Please let us know!

And we're always in need of new sponsors! Visit our sponsor page and help spread the love with stuffed animals and critters who care!

Cara's Walk for the March of Dimes

Today we chat with Cara Mirabella of The Household Helper about her upcoming walk for the March of Dimes. It's a quick audio but I learned a lot about this great organization and how it helps ALL babies, not just those in critical situations.

Joey's posse logoCara's son Joey was a premie baby and he's now a healthy strappin' 2 year old with a lot of energy! You can see the picture of him as a tiny newborn when you visit Cara's site:

Click here to Visit The Household Helper site.and then please visit Cara's March of Dimes fundraising site and donate a little or a lot to this great cause!

Thanks for chatting Cara!

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