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A critter for Haylee

We love to give animals away here at Critters Who Care but often it's difficult to find children in need AND their contact information so we can send. There are many blogs out there about children going through difficult circumstances, but most parents, wisely, don't just make their mailing address public so we can't just send something off.

This week, thankfully, one of our great sponsors shared her story about her daughter Haylee and I'd like to share a little bit of her story here and then you can read more about her on
her blog HERE.

When I read Haylee's story last night I was so incredibly inspired. Not only has this young girl risen above her situation - something she's dealt with since birth, but she has embrace it, rejoiced in it and overcome it. It's amazing. She excels, it seems, in everything she does - most importantly bringing joy to others.

Even though her deformity affects her hands, she makes beautiful beaded bracelets for sale and to give away. She's just an inspiration.

Make sure you read more about her story and if you'd like to help send an adorable stuffed animal to another child like Haylee, please visit
our sponsor page.

Haylee, thank you for sharing your story and watch for your Pink Poodle Purse to come in the mail from the friends and supporters at Critters who Care!

This young girl deserves her own critter, don't you think?

I read this story on Saturday about a sweet little 4th grade girl who hosts a birthday party each year and then GIVES AWAY all the presents she receives to her local children's ward of the hospital. Isn't that just the most touching thing in the world?

Here's a quick snapshot of the story and if you click on the picture of it it'll take you to the actual story link:

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Oooh - that's really hard to read... ok this is how it starts:

Birthday gifts for Savannah Hutson piled up recently at a Bristol Tennessee Pizza Hut.

The stack from family and friends included books, movies, video games, board games, puzzles and toys.

On the surface, it appeared Savannah had collected a hefty bounty during her 10th birthday party at the Volunteer Parkway restaurant, but the gifts were not actually for her.

For the second consecutive year, Savannah will donate her birthday presents to less fortunate children.

I love when I read stuff like this - really truly unselfish kids. Plus it's great to open up a paper (or your browser) and read some good news once in a while, eh?

What do you think? Should we send Savannah a pink poodle purse or other fun animal?

We have some winners

I couldn't stand it! With almost 200 comments I couldn't just give away one - so I picked FOUR numbers between 1-199 and here are the winners of the FABULOUS pink poodle purse:

Comment #15 - Emily of

Comment #33 - Patti - I emailed you!

Comment #69 - Proverbs31 of

Comment 167 - JennyV of

I've emailed all of you to get your mailing addresses so I can send out these adorable pooches. Thanks so much to all of you for your nice comments. If you didn't win and want to order a poodle purse for yourself -
please click here!

Thanks so much to Rocks In My Dryer for hosting such a fun carnival. Sounds like TONS of people participated! YAY!

Please visit us again and if you know of a child in need who might enjoy one of our critters who care - please let us know!

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