Critter Stories

Ready for their new homes

Today we spent some time getting some of our critters ready to go to their new homes via the Hospice of Kankakee Valley organization.  Here they are:

Critters who care1

Looking for Sponsors is looking for home and small business owners who might be interested in sponsoring a critter who cares. For as little as $15 you and your company can sponsor a stuffed animal to be given to a child in need in our local hospice organization. 

These kids are in the process of losing a parent, have lost a parent or are in hospice care themselves. Often the stuffed animal becomes a comforting reminder for the one left behind and particularly for children, something tangible like a stuffed animal can be an emotional anchor in a very rocky season of life.

Interested in finding out more on how you can sponsor a critter who cares? Fill out the information below and we'll get right back to you... and thank you!

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