Many Thanks!

I get a smile on my face anytime I get a paypal notification that's legit - especially when it's a donation for Critters!  Today's smile was extra big because my friends over at dedicated $1 from every sale they made last Friday to sponsoring a critter for a child.  Isn't that just so sweet!

Sweet, yes... but it's no small potatoes either.  From what I hear from these busy work from home ladies (a mom and her two teen daughters who work out of their home distribution center) they're sales roll in at a pretty fast clip on any given day.  This pre-wrap stuff is VERY popular!

So if you have some time - please
pop on over to their blog and say hello and check out all the fun colors and ways to use Pre-Wrap. You'll be amazed... and addicted!  We use it when we garden and it's great to keep your hair out of your eyes under your bicycle helmet too (not bulky).

Thanks again ladies!  We really appreciate it!

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