Know a child?

Do you know a child who is in a crisis situation or could use the lifetime love of one of our Critter Kits?  Although we can't guarantee that we'll be able to fulfill your request, we do take the time to review every suggestion and request that comes to us.  

Because we're just a family run organization and not very big, it's impossible right now to meet every request that comes into our inbox. We donate animals locally as well as mailing them out to children throughout the United States.  Hopefully some day we will have the financial resources to meet every request!  Hopefully soon!

So, please let us know about the child through our form below. At this time we're only able to consider requests from people who know the child personally.  If, however, you read a touching story on the internet and think a child who you don't personally know might benefit, you're welcome to sponsor a critter yourself (not just postage) for that specific child and we'll be happy to send it to them on your behalf.

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